Video Introduction






English Introduction


At a Glance

  1. Full time online teacher (LOVE my work!!! ^^)
  2. Started teaching since June 2013 (part time hobby turned into a full-time career)
  3. Experience working with children & adult learners
  4. Can help with daily conversation, speaking, test preparation, and more
  5. Born in China; immigrated to the USA at 12

About Me – Content Creator / Article Writer / Language Learner

  • I create Mandarin learning videos on YouTube, followed by lecture notes on my blog.
  • I write 1 to 2 articles every month for italki Chinese Articles column.
  • I am a language learner myself, so I completely understand the frustrations and obstacles that learners encounter! I want to make your learning process as enjoyable as possible.

About My Class – Versatile Teaching Methods / Personalized

I am a strong advocate when it comes to a personalized learning experience. I want to make sure my teaching style matches your learning needs. I am very flexible, and I will adjust my lesson style based on my student’s progress and feedback.


Lesson Structure Examples:

  • Structured/Systematic with a Textbook (with or without Homework)
  • Custom Materials (my own resources or your requests)
  • HSK Based Conversational Class
  • Freestyle Conversational Class

I absolutely love my work! I love being able to help my students with their language learning journey. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My name is Amy, and I would love to meet you! 😀




1. 全职在线教师(非常热爱我的工作!)
2. 2013 开始教学 (从业余爱好变成了全职工作)
3. 有教孩子和大人的经验
4. 可以辅导口语, 日常生活, 考试等
5. 出生于中国; 12 岁移民到美国


友善, 随和, 超有耐心



因材施教 / 熟能生巧 / 千里之行始于足下



  • 英文是我的第二语言, 所以我很明白在学习一门新语言时遇到的困难。
  • 我也是名语言学者,这也对我编写教材和改进我的课程有很大的帮助。
  • 学一门语言是一段旅程, 我希望我可以让你的旅程更加愉快。
  • 学习外语最大的一个收获是能流利地与人沟通, 让你的生活更加的丰富。 所以我的课程重点是帮你开口说英文,提高口语水平。
  • 如果你害怕开口说英文的话,我希望我可以给你提供一个轻松的语境来练习。 我不会咬人的哦~! (暂时不会 ^ ^)。

作为一名老师, 我也在不断地学习, 让我们一起奋斗,一起努力吧!如果你有什么疑问, 请随时联系我。 我是 Amy,希望有机会认识你。 加油 ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノヾ